Social Tech School and University

This is about a fictional school system which appears in the novel Society Changed.  Though fictional, it is worthy of discussion as an example of a possible social environment for education.  See Social Technology for more information and a serious warning.

On the above education site a problem is raised — how can one divide a large number of students into small classes?  The fictional Social Technology Organization which created these schools offered one solution, based on optimizing the ability of the individual classes to communicate.  That is to say, each class represents an optimal social environment for all of its students where ability to communicate with others is the optimization criterion.

An entirely different approach is taken by the Green School System.  In that approach the optimization criterion is the ability of each student in a class to have a single compatible friend.  This was applied recursively to such pairs of students and then to larger groups.  That is to say, friendship rather communicative ability is the basis for optimization, but this is done on a local, bottom up, rather than the global, top down approach of the Social Tech Schools.

These are but two of an enormous number of approaches to solving the fundamental problem of class division.  Another aspect of the Social Tech Schools is their attempt to educate the students in problems of social technology.  They are taught about the problem of class division and other aspects of social network optimization,